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Who can use this?

BVue Visual Vitals meets numerous use cases – please find below a list of suggestions:

  • any person looking to monitor their personal general health status
  • any person who has a medical situation and needs to monitor any of the app’s measurements: heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration rate and mental stress
  • any person feeling under intensive mental stress
  • any person active in doing physical exercise

BVue Visual Vitals’s technology is also provided as an SDK – any organization that wishes to have an on going touch base with their clients health status, can contact us here.

How are the measurements detected?

BVue Visual Vitals analyzes signals taken from a person’s upper cheek area (does not include a video of the eyes) to detect the different vital signs.

Which devices support the app?

The app is supported by devices running on iOS 11.0 and up (such as iPhones and iPads) or on Android 9.1 or above and has been tested on various mobile vendors (Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc). To check if your device supports the app, please go to your device’s settings where the operating system is named.

What is the accuracy level of the measurements?

The measurements are taken according to rigorous standards and are constantly tested with medical equipment.

Is it better than a smart watch?

Smart watches provide great added value when it comes to continuous monitoring. The BVue app delivers an on demand monitoring tool available from a device that most people already have, like a smarthphone or a tablet. No purchase of extra equipment needed.

Which medical equipment has the app’s accuracy been tested against?

Each feature developed for the BVUE app has been tested with the equivalent FDA approved devices, such as MASIMO, OMRON, GE and others.

Can I keep my glasses or sunglasses on while using the app?

Yes, you can. The app does not analyze video from the eyes, so you may wear glasses or sunglasses and the app will still work perfectly.

Does it work with make-up?

Yes, it does.

Does it work with a mask on?

Yes, it does.

Does it work on bearded people?

Yes.  The app analyzes video from under the eyes/upper cheek area.

Does it work on blind people?

Yes.  The app does not analyze video from the eyes.

Does it work on any skin color?

Yes, the app works perfectly on any skin color.

Does it work for any age?

The app has been tested on subjects between the ages of 4 and 96, and it is consistently accurate.

Does it work in the dark?

The app applies illumination normalization and can therefore function well even in almost any light environments, though not completely in the dark. Some light is necessary for the camera to detect there is a human face in the video. When used in complete dark, users are prompted to measure vitals with a finger touching the back camera of the device.

How far should I keep the camera from my face?

For best results, we recommend keeping the camera no farther than 60 cm / ~ 20 inches.

Do I have to stand still during the measurements or can I move?

The app compensates for movements and you will notice that four blue corners around your head move together with your face as you move. Nevertheless, your face needs to show within the frame of the camera itself. For best results though – we recommend standing still or sitting.

Does it work while I walk, run, or drive?

The app should work while you walk or drive, but it’s not recommended for use while running.

How can I see my history and trends?

To be able to see the history and trends of your vital sign measurements, from the app’s menu, press “History” and you will be able to see all your recorded scans as well as 7, 14 or 21 days measurements trends. You may delete your measurements data at any time.

Does it recognize who I am?

No, the app does human face detection, not facial recognition. No video or image of the person is being saved.

Does record my measurements?

BVue Visual Vitals records the results of your measurements so you can keep track of measurements, history and trends. BVue does not save any pictures or video of the app’s users, only the measurements’ results. For information on privacy issues, please read our Privacy Policy.

Do I need to consult my doctor if my measurements are not within normal range?

BVue Visual Vitals is solely a measurement tool as part of a CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System) and does not suggest or recommend in any way to undertake a certain action. It is up to the user or their medical services to suggest any assessment or treatment. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use .

What do measurements mean?

Please refer to the information on the app. You can find general information for each measurement from the icons on the app.

Can I use the app without internet connection?

Yes, you can. The app runs on the device and no internet connection is needed. Keep in mind though that without an internet connection, the measurements are not recorded and you will not be able to see any history or trends.

Does it work on photos too?

No, the app works on video only.

Can I simultaneously measure vital signs for several people on the same device?

No, only one person at a time can have their vital signs measured.

Can I use it on animals?

No, the app works only on human faces.

How much does it cost to use the app?

While some of the measurements are free, the use of the app will cost several US$ per month. Detailed pricing will be release at the time of the availability of the app.

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